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Sistema Vertical. Trabajos en Altura sin andamios
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At Sistema Vertical we have been carrying out work without scaffolding for more than 18 years where it is most difficult to reach. We carry out all types of services at height, always with maximum safety and professionalism, trying to affect the owners as little as possible.

High Height Masonry Service

We specialize in the repair and revitalization of building facades and structures.

Our services range from the treatment of facades and party walls to the application of single-layer coatings, the correction of detachments and the repair of eaves and cracks.

Painting Service at Height

We paint the entire façade, light wells and any area that is difficult to access.

Whether it is an independent house or a building, we take care of leaving everything well painted. Always with high quality paint to prevent humidity problems.

High Height Plumbing Service

We carry out the repair and assembly of downspout systems and drainage pipes

We take care of any plumbing problem or installation in homes and buildings. Before starting any project, we carry out a thorough analysis to determine the best solution according to the circumstances.

Waterproofing Service

We waterproof terraces, flat roofs, roofs and roofs

At Sistema Vertical we guarantee an impeccable finish and professional waterproofing through the use of products that provide complete insulation.

General reforms

Do you need a renovation in your home or community? Tell us what you need and we will give you a totally free, no-obligation quote.

We carry out comprehensive renovations, office renovations, kitchen renovations, bathrooms. Swimming pool renovations.

Vertical gardens

We design and install vertical gardens on any type of wall and building.

The assembly of each of our vertical gardens is completely manual, and as it is carried out exclusively by us, no plant wall is the same as another. Each vertical garden is unique, it is designed and created for each client and place in a completely personalized way.

Cleaning with pressure water

We clean facades and roofs with pressure water.​

We take care of all the cleaning, no matter how difficult access is, we can go where no one can and do a quick and professional job for you.

Placement of Advertising Posters

We put your advertising anywhere

If you want to advertise and don’t know how to put advertising on a building, we will take care of everything.

If you are a community of owners or a property manager, we have tailored solutions

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings and facades

  • Technical inspection of buildings

  • Customized budgets

  • Ease of payment with financing for up to 10 years.

  • Faster construction work by not depending on scaffolding.

FINANCING BY Deutsche Bank

From €3,000, 4.9% interest. up to 10 years


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