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The company

Fabian Salomon

My professional career began in 1970, in Argentina, when I was barely 16 years old. At that time, I entered the world of painting, a craft that my father passed on to me with passion and dedication. Over the following decades, my experience in this field was enriched, and my skill as a painter was perfected over time.

However, in the year 2000, I made a decision that would mark a new direction in my life: I emigrated to Spain, where I currently reside. During the first years in this new country, I dedicated myself to doing various jobs that were not related to my original profession. However, in 2001, I was finally able to realize a long-cherished dream: found my own painting and decoration company, DECORANDO.


The year 2005 represented a turning point in my career. Given the intense competition that prevailed in the sector and the need to offer specialized services, I decided to take a step further. It was then that I decided to qualify as a technician in vertical work and create SISTEMA VERTICAL, a company specialized in work at height without the need to use scaffolding. Our area of focus focused on building rehabilitation and general renovations, primarily aimed at communities and businesses.

Over time, SISTEMA VERTICAL has become a benchmark in the field of work at height, thanks to our commitment to safety, quality and efficiency in each project we undertake.In October 2020, following the advice of my advisor, we took an important step in the consolidation of our company by establishing ourselves as a limited company under the name of VERTICAL 2020 S.L. This evolution has allowed us to strengthen our presence in the market and offer an even more complete and specialized service in the areas of repair and revitalization of facades and building structures, painting in hard-to-reach areas, repair and assembly of downspout and pipe systems. drainage, waterproofing of terraces, flat roofs, roofs and terraces, as well as general renovation services.

At VERTICAL 2020 S.L., we are proud of our long history and experience in the renovation and work at height sector. Our passion for excellence and commitment to our clients have driven us to diversify our services to meet the demands of today’s market. We are committed to continuing to provide innovative, high-quality solutions to communities and businesses throughout Spain, always with safety and customer satisfaction at the center of our approach.

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